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Writing Journey in a Nutshell

E.D. Hackett is a Speech-language pathologist by day and a writer in the wee early hours before the sun comes up.  Writing has always been a form of self-care for E.D. Hackett.


She has two beautiful, amazing children who have inspired stories and elements within her writing. 


She has been happily married since 2007 and is inspired by her husband, who has always supported her dreams.


E.D. Hackett wrote her first story sitting at her grandparent's dining room table with her cousin.  Her first short story was "How the Elephant Got Its Trunk".  She started writing in a journal when she was ten and hasn't stopped yet. 


Her first novel  AN UNFINISHED STORY was published in 2019 amidst a personal health crisis.  Her second novel THE HAVOC IN MY HEAD is based upon personal events with a fictional flair.  This novel is a pseudo-memoir of the hardest, yet happiest and simplest year of her life. Her third novel HOPE HANNA MURPHY is the sequel to AN UNFINISHED STORY.

E.D. Hackett writes stories about love, friendship, family, self-discovery, and finding happiness.

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