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What People Say

The Havoc In My Head is real and raw. It's so personal and detailed, that it reads like a diary. Every emotion is so well articulated that the reader is taken along on the stressful, heartbreaking journey. If you have ever dealt with overwhelming medical challenges or lived through a pandemic (everyone at this point) this story will resonate. Most importantly, the author addresses the topic of re-evaluating life and family connection/roles during challenging times which results in a greater appreciation and happiness in every part of life. This is definitely a book worth your time.  --Amazon Customer

I loved this book [AN UNFINISHED STORY]. Characters were very relatable. The story was quite unique and had me trying to guess what happens next. Explores real life trials and tribulations. And an uplifting sense of self exploration. Sending a copy to both my sister and soul sister as I am not willing to part with my copy. This I will definitely pick up again! Can't wait to see what the author has in store for us next! --Amazon Customer

Loved it! 😍

Life is a roller coaster where you don't know the next turn. This book [HOPE HANNA MURPHY] will leave you feeling the same. Highs and lows. Smiles and tears.

It was one of those times that the cover of the book really spoke to me. The title is alluring and fascinating. From the title one can make out that the book is about hope and future goals. Yet the book packs more than that in its pages and has the reader in its grips. Author E.D. Hackett in a very subtle yet profound manner shares some very important life lessons which we often ignore during our rush in life. They are simple and also known to us, but in the mad rush to achieve these lessons slip away into oblivion. Sometimes the answer to your problem is right within your reach.


...It's a nice book that one can cozy up with along with a cup of coffee. The themes in the book are family, love, hope over doubt, friendship, community, and above all self-discovery. The writing is simple and effortless. The events happen in complete harmony and the readers can feel like they are part of the lives of each character. Recommend it to everyone.


--Reedsy Discovery Review

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