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She had all she expected to achieve. But a surprise hidden in her head was about to change everything…

Ashley Martin has it all. With a high-paying job, a devoted husband, and impeccable children, the ambitious woman is living the dream life she envisioned for herself. So determined to maintain her perfect existence, she hides her odd vision problems, headaches, and confusion… until one morning she wakes up blind.

Diagnosed with a brain tumor, the terrified professional faces two difficult surgeries and a year-long recovery. And as she struggles to cope with her sudden reversal of fortune, Ashley begins to see truths she never had before.

Can this tenacious woman reclaim her health and redirect her happiness?

The Havoc in My Head is a powerful and moving women’s fiction novel. If you like deeply personal journeys, overcoming impossible hurdles, and inspirational turnarounds, then you’ll love E.D. Hackett’s tale of extreme courage.

Author's Note: Pituitary tumors newly affect 10,000 Americans a year, yet few people know about them. People with pituitary tumors struggle with educating family and friends because so little information is available. This story is a fictionalized account of E.D Hackett's journey from diagnosis to recovery to acceptance of her pituitary tumor. This book is for all the men, women, and children diagnosed with pituitary tumors who feel misunderstood throughout their journey. Although all the journeys, symptoms, and treatments are different, the emotional roller coaster is the same.



Welcome to the story that encouraged E.D Hackett to put herself and her writing out there. 
Writing Motto:  Write it down.  Write it well. Write it scared.  No regrets.

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Complete strangers. A bustling B&B. Can two women help each other find their dreams?

Boston. Joanie Wilson has played it safe her whole life. But her fifteen years of loyalty to the newspaper seem like they count for nothing when her boss announces the business’s impending sale. And though she doesn’t really enjoy her job, the frightened reporter fights to save it by accepting a remote assignment to write articles on local flavor.

Block Island, RI. Carly Davis longs to live on her own terms. But with her father deceased and her mother’s dementia dominating her world, the gregarious young woman feels trapped into running the family’s bed-and-breakfast. So when a desperate journalist arrives and swaps her rent for assistance with the property, Carly seizes the chance to finally take a deep breath.

As Joanie becomes immersed in the relaxed atmosphere and meets a handsome police officer, she wonders if her need for safety is costing her happiness. And as Carly grows close to her big-city tenant, she sees a new future opening before her.

Will this accidental friendship trigger the changes both women crave?

An Unfinished Story is the charming first book in The Block Island Saga women’s fiction series. If you like relatable characters, sweet romances, and beautiful settings, then you’ll love E.D. Hackett’s escape to paradise.

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She sacrificed too much for them. When her real ancestry shatters her world, will she ever reclaim happiness?

Carly Davis was sure getting away from the island would help. Elated after finally freeing herself from running her late family’s inn, her fresh start in Maine fizzles in the aftermath of a failed relationship. And her luck sours further still when an innocent DNA test reveals at least one of her parents had been deceiving her for decades.

Furious she gave up the best years of her life to support people she wasn’t even related to, the distraught woman returns home to seek answers about her actual origins. But with her dear friend’s sister marrying a guy who is suddenly Carly’s cousin, the angry adoptee fears the truth could leave her more alone than ever…

Will she find the joy she so desperately craves, or will her true heritage only bring new sorrow?

Hope Hanna Murphy is the enchanting second book in The Block Island Saga women’s fiction series. If you like optimistic stories, conflicted characters, and the strength of community, then you’ll love E.D. Hackett’s tale of courage.


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She wants everyone to think she’s got it together. So where did it all fall apart?

Providence, RI. Amara Leventis craves validation. So when her best friend and roomie gets engaged, the twenty-five-year-old single girl fears she’s losing her soulmate… and her apartment forever. Reeling from the sense of abandonment, Amara turns an interview for a work promotion into a shocking pink slip.

Humiliated and effectively homeless, the frazzled woman begrudgingly returns to rural Connecticut and her parents’ Greek bakery. But when a fight gets her bounced from the wedding party and she discovers her dad’s troubling secrets, Amara wonders if life will always be sour instead of sweet.

Will she ever find the right recipe for happiness?

Reinventing Amara Leventis is a richly drawn women’s fiction novel. If you like relatable characters, family dramas, and laugh-out-loud moments, then you’ll adore E.D. Hackett’s entertaining read.


She’s relearning to trust. He’s healing his heartache. Can Crystal and Derek fix the farmhouse and mend their fractured hearts?
Crystal Whitman is determined to redefine herself. Pulling double shifts to break free from a cheating ex, the single mom worries her life can’t get any more chaotic until her own mother dies. The city gal returns to her painfully rural hometown in the hopes of flipping her vacant ancestral farmhouse fast, but she never expected her hunky hired hand would make her want to slow down and enjoy the view.
Derek Fischer can’t shake his grief. Twelve years after losing his wife, the devoted dad’s broken heart beats only for his daughter, until a sexy school teacher sparks a different kind of love. But with a dying home improvement business to keep afloat, the contractor fears muddling the line between business and pleasure could only end in financial ruin.
When Crystal hires Derek to fix the old farmhouse, so she can sell it and return to her frenzied life, she moves in for the summer to save some money and give him a hand. Fighting their growing attraction, she wonders if she’s destined to be alone and he wonders if his wife will ever forgive him for moving on. When a vivacious blonde sinks her claws into Derek, Crystal relives her ex-husbands betrayal, and her reaction could sabotage their growing relationship.
Can these two shattered souls piece together their future and find a happily ever after?


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