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Ashley Martin thinks she has the perfect life. She flaunts her reliable husband, beautiful kids, dream job, and beautiful house to all who see. She makes her house of cards look perfect to everyone outside looking in. In reality, she has one friend she can talk to, a husband who she never sees, and two kids she barely knows. Does it matter? Society had already labeled her life as a success and all signs pointed to happiness. One day, Ashley’s perfect life shatters into one million pieces and she is left standing in the ruins wondering how to get out safely. The perfect life she once knew has been taken over by a medical maze with an overwhelming diagnosis and a global pandemic. Not only has her life crumbled but she sees how her crisis affected her family and caused them to crumble too. Feeling lonely and isolated, can Ashley accept the path that is before her and find the strength to battle and survive while putting her family first? Can she redefine what perfect and happy mean before it is too late?

Author's Note: Pituitary tumors newly affect 10,000 Americans a year, yet few people know about them. People with pituitary tumors struggle with educating family and friends because so little information is available. This story is a fictionalized account of E.D Hackett's journey from diagnosis to recovery to acceptance of her pituitary tumor. This book is for all the men, women, and children diagnosed with pituitary tumors who feel misunderstood throughout their journey. Although all the journeys, symptoms, and treatments are different, the emotional roller coaster is the same.



Welcome to the story that encouraged E.D Hackett to put herself and her writing out there. 
Writing Motto:  Write it down.  Write it well. Write it scared.  No regrets.

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Every decision we make sets us up on a new trajectory of what our life will look like.
Meet Joanie.
Her life has been one predictable decision after predictable decision because the fear of change was never strong enough to break the comfort of consistency. Now, her house of cards is falling down because the company she has dedicated her life to is on the brink of collapse. When given an opportunity to save her job and start fresh, Joanie dives in head first hoping for the best. What she doesn't realize is that her expectations and desire for the future are put in question when Matt, a local police officer, who may or may not be looking for love walks into her life.
Meet Carly.
She used to live her life according to her dreams, goals, and desires. A family crisis pulled her back to the place where she grew up and ran away from as soon as she could. Now, she is caught between living the life her parents dreamed of and wanting to drop everything to run back to the life she built for herself. She left her love to help her family, and she wonders if it was worth it.
Two strangers meet.
A random encounter through a mutual friend sets up Joanie and Carly on an adventure of self-discovery and finding happiness. Will it be happiness for forever or happiness just for now?
Jump into the summer that changed their lives and taught them what it means to make decisions that may or may not be right, but will change the trajectory of their lives forever.

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What does it mean when everything you believed about your life was a lie?

Carly Davis is down on her luck. She thought she knew what would make her happy, but she made the wrong choice again. She leaves her boyfriend with nothing more than a suitcase and a ride to the coast of Rhode Island. She returns home to the bed and breakfast her parents left her on Block Island, and is forced to restart her life in a place where she never truly felt like she belonged.


An innocent DNA test that she completed on a whim has sent her life careening further off course. Her childhood next door neighbor, Chris, is now her first cousin, yet neither of them know how they are connected.


Secrets run deep on the tiny island and no one wants to talk about the past. To complicate matters, Chris is marrying her best friend’s sister and his family will be at the wedding.


Can Carly solve the mystery of her past before the wedding hits or will she never know the truth behind her family and her story?


This story is about family, acceptance, and forgiveness during the moments that we cannot control and the strength of hanging onto those you trust in order to get through the tangled mess called life.

Reinventing Amara Leventis

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She wants everyone to think she’s got it together. So where did it all fall apart?

Providence, RI. Amara Leventis craves validation. So when her best friend and roomie gets engaged, the twenty-five-year-old single girl fears she’s losing her soulmate… and her apartment forever. Reeling from the sense of abandonment, Amara turns an interview for a work promotion into a shocking pink slip.

Humiliated and effectively homeless, the frazzled woman begrudgingly returns to rural Connecticut and her parents’ Greek bakery. But when a fight gets her bounced from the wedding party and she discovers her dad’s troubling secrets, Amara wonders if life will always be sour instead of sweet.

Will she ever find the right recipe for happiness?

Reinventing Amara Leventis is a richly drawn women’s fiction novel. If you like relatable characters, family dramas, and laugh-out-loud moments, then you’ll adore E.D. Hackett’s entertaining read.